Shree Rani Sati Dadi Mangal Paath, Samagri etc. – All you ever wanted to know!

Shree Rani Sati Dadi Mangal Paath

On the occasion of Sri Rani Sati Dadi Mahotsav, Shri Dadhi Ji is decorated in divine attire & embellishments. Mandir darbar is also heavily decorated. Numerous number of women devotees reach to offer their prayers. The program starts with Mangal recitation by the pious ladies.
Huge number of devoted ladies belonging to the Marwari community participated during this pooja havan under the Rajasthani tradition. Talented bhajan singers are ocassionally invited to add sparkles to the entertainment of the devotees with their melodious hymns.

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During this time, ladies of Marwari society, dressed in colorful Rajasthani attire & ensembles attend this Mangalpath. With a minimum of a group of 13 ladies, this mangal path can be organised in your residence as per your budget preferences.

If you planning a Mangal Paath soon, following are list of articles you will be needing :

  • Mangal Paath Book ( मंगल पाठ पुस्तक )
  • Deepak ( दीपक )
  • Jyot of Dry Coconut & Ghee ( गठ एवं घी की ज्योत )
  • Prasad ( प्रसाद )**
  • For Gifting the participating 13(or more) devotees ( 13 boxes of prasaad, 13 bindi or saree or suhaag pitaari)

* Suhaag Pitaari consists of bindi, choodi, kaajal, sindoor, rupees, mehendi, rubber of hair/ clip
सुहाग पिटारी : बिंदी, चूडी, काजल, सिंदूर, रूपया, मेहंदी, बालों की रबर / क्लिप
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** Prasad : kheer, poodi, boondia, bhujia, mewa, toffee, rabdi, milk)

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