A special service/ seva arranged on special or chosen dates (self or loved one’s birthday or anniversary etc.) on behalf of the devotee

Seva of Delicious Pedas.

Lavish Food offered to the deity.

Seva of Sweet Makhanas .

An offering of divine leaves of saffron.

A precious yet priceless Seva of Gold & Silver in the devotion of Dadi Ji.

Adorn the Goddess with beautiful contemporary or the traditional Red Chunari of Rani Sati Dadi Ji.

Sweet Boondia Savamani Seva to the Goddess for her sweet love & blessings.

Amazing with beautiful flowers

Draping Dadiji beautifully with elegant dresses.

Periodical Offering of Ghee to Dadi’s Akhand Jyot.

A lavish Bhog consisting of variety of sweets, fruits to Shree Dadi Ji.

An aarti seva carried out with the help of several dhoops.

An offering of pure Milk to Shree Rani Sati Dadi Ji.